About us:

KOS-M.V.M. d.o.o. is a limited liability company founded in 1993-based on handicraft business since 1973,and after that as a craft named ''PAP'' (acronym cro.''proizvodnja alata i prerada'' which means ''tools manufacture and processing'').

Until the war in 1990,our business  consisted of development, construction and manufacture of plastics, metal and glass processing tools,  as well as processing of plastics.

At the beginning of 1990,we started and developed applied manufacture. We selected and developed our own technology for all of the applied products, which had to guarantee quality in compliance with NATO standards (strength,water tightness,climatic durability,electrical conductivity etc.).

After the applied production vanished,we turned to manufacturing for economy again, and, among other things, we started working on the conceptual design for protection of packaging of household gas cylinders in1996. Together with experts form INA-UNP-PC,we improved the conceptual design in 1997,and upon recommendation of the State Inspectorate for pressure vessels,we started working on the construction of a prototype. Since 1990,our ''Protective nut cap'' has been applied by INA-UNP-PC (at thetime,nowdays PROplin d.o.o.). in 2002/2003,for the needs of ''PROplin'',we provide the conceptual design and manufacture promotional products (a desktop cigarette lighter,a bottle opener and a pen stand), and we later on designed and started manufacturing a '' corkscrew'' (shaped as a gas cylinder.

In 2002,we adopted manufacturing of ''Preparatory groups'' that we used to do with ''BAGAT'' from Zadar before the war. By purchasing the equipment,we started the ''blow-moulded packaging'' programme. In 2002,we started exporting our products (to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

We are proud to emphasize that we recived numerous prizes and awards since 1999. First and foremost,we mean the annual award for achieved results in economy,as well as acknowledgement awarded by the ''Institution for Business Research'' to the managing director Vladimir Kos as the most successful entrepreneuer for years  2001,2002,2003,2004 and 2005.

It is important to note that all the steps in the life of our products,from design to manufacture,are carried out within our own company,but never without professional cooperation with relevant institutions. By professional cooperation we,first of all,mean ''DiOKI'' Zagreb and the Faculty of Mehanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. All our products made of polymer materials,including the ''Protective nut cap'' have a declarations of conformity pursuant to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004,as you can see from the enclosed documentation, KOS-M.V.M. d.o.o. has been operating within the quality system HRN EN ISO 9001:2008,and later on ISO 14001:2004,as well as ISO 18001-2007.